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  1. Hope says:

    Well, I don’t know about all the political and policy ramifications, but I definitely appreciate the science. It’s so just interesting in itself! Thanks for the scientific inquiry. I read today that the first U.S. Naval officer–still a young man–just perished from cancer after service off the coast of Fukushima during the disaster… Thanks for caring about these people and for simply caring about Science, as a scientist always should! 🙂 If we can’t question and learn new things, what’s the point?…

  2. Thank you for your work and awareness raising efforts on this dire topic.

    – MVB

  3. May-chan says:

    This is TEPCO Fukushima Daiichi video on Jan.27, 2015.
    At 2:53~, there is an explosion like pop-up on the right side on the screen.
    Grateful, if you could check it and give me your thought what’s going on there.


    Thank you for your kindess.

  4. Lydia Thiessen says:

    Dear Mr Busby,
    I sent the pics to lowradcampaign@gmail.com, hope You can see them. They are free as a prove, that we will go straigth into hell!

  5. Todd Millions says:

    Well thats the last time I check for radiation levels and then search for Porn!
    Wiki got you down Chris? One sympathies.
    Check the entry for -Roger Talbert.
    The pre montreal Olympic fubars seem to have being artfully purged from more than wikipediea.
    The pictures are amusing though.I tried too check but-Darth Vader vociferously denies that Rog is
    his idiot younger brother,but rather is a step cousin of at least 3 removes!
    The changes to aircraft performance listings after MH-17 are more serious.
    Good luck on pulling reality back out of our smart phone memory hole.

  6. Kaeferschnecklein says:

    We have the ozone holes caused by radioactive gas krypton-85 coming out of all the atomic power stations including Fukushima. Will our atmosphere escape through this holes? Also, by radioactivity the oxygen level in our air is decreasing more and more, so that we will stifle slowly. Each year, we have greater heatwaves because of the “radioactive greenhouse effect” (Prof. Ernest J. Sternglass). I think, planet Mars looks like Earth after running all this atomic weapon’s power stations.
    Walter Russell wrote a very interesting book about it: „Atomic Suicide – What Radioctivity is, Why and how it kills, What to do about it“
    Thank for Your petition on http://nuclearjustice.org/?p=50 !

  7. Dante Zehner says:

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