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  1. Hi Dr Busby i like to condact an interview about the Fukushima rediation

    Thank You

  2. Greg Minge says:


    Thank-you for all the years of research, heart-ache, persistence, & need to get this information out-in-the-open. The scope of these matters will take many years & generations to be made right ( if possible ), & know that I’ll be doing what I can to wake the people up in my part-of-the-world, to help make a change in the course of not only the human races evolution, but for all the plants & animals also, so that they to, can evolve as God planned.

    I doubt you can ever stop working on these world-wide issues, since your knowledge & experience are needed everyday, even by those who don’t know who you are & what you do for us all. But if you do ever get the chance to relax & put your feet-up for a little while, you deserve every minute of it !

    Thank-you is not enough, nor does it even hint at the reward for your efforts that are deserved, but it’s the best I can do for now, & at the least persist in bringing an understanding of this Nuclear mess to my friends, family, & fellow Australians.



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