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  1. Dianne says:

    I was at the Westlake landfill meeting 12-30. Thank you so much for your visit. A question I did not think to ask until today is: Will you be expert witness for any litigation? Also relevant is what was burning in the dump? It smelled like electric transformer on fire. I tried to find what, possibly sulfur dioxide. There MAY be something bad buried in the dump. Do you know about the dioxin in Times Beach here? Monsanto is here and chemical companies across the river. This may be more than isotopes. I lived close by and had trouble breathing mowing yard when smell was bad. My son is in house now. My husband died from astrocytoma 2008, had to rebuild house from tornado 2011 & lost 30 year job, then that smell and find out about waste. My husband worked close to there. He was a welder years ago and know about fluoride gas and also about accumulation of radiation. We may have been breathing particles. I know this area and have done some reading and may be able to provide you with something useful for trial. Thanks, Dianne

  2. Chris Busby says:

    Yes I will be expert witness in any litigation. Contact me at

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